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    In memory of a Hero


      Sat-Okh is a pure Indica with strong feeling and fast flowering cycle. It flower only 45 to 55 days indoors, what makes it perfect strain for commercial purposes. This feminized cannabis seeds will give you an amazing results of high quality buds. The aroma of this strain is strong and rich. Terp profile is very flowery like. This strain have very wide therapeutic and medicinal value. It's perfect for making tinctures,oils ,balms and concentrates but even in flower form it is powerfull medicine. This strain combine great properties from both of its parents – Barbara Bud and White Widow.


      Genotype: 100% Indica

      Genetics: Barbara Bud x Old White Widow

      Flowering time indoor: 45-55 days

      Outdoor harvest time: half of september

      Yields: big

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