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John Cambo (LANDRACE)
  • John Cambo (LANDRACE)

    John Cambo LANDRACE


    Let it stray to ruin your crops or you feed it well so it grows into a young buffalo. 

    Just like the water buffalo, they will be stubborn, though and should thrive even in mud. Only a real Vietnam Cowboy can turn them into an obedient work animal. 

    The seeds were handpicked from the best batches of landrace buds grown on the slopes of the Annamite Mountains in Vietnam by John Cambo, a true cowboy and a lifelong cannabis connoisseur.

    Earthy notes with some hints of lime, airy buds, and a wild, almost psychedelic, uplifting high. It likes to grow tall and thrives in full sun.

    Put your hat and spurs on and brace yourself for the Asian rodeo!

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