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      Country Girl by The Outlaw Seeds is feminized strain with strong Afghani influence. It's very strong, brutal Indica with very rich aroma and taste. This cannabis strain have strong medicinal effect and help patients with many, many conditions. It help with lack of apetite, relax muscles and help with sleep disorders. Country Girl is also perfect strain for those who suffer because of stress.

      Aroma and taste of this strain is rich and very complex. You can smell smell of oranges and other citruses, earth/soil and pine. This cannabis strain is great producer, it grows big, dense buds full of resin. Because of it's dense buds with very little leaves it's very easy to trim. Plant's are short and bushy with many side branches. Because of it's resin and terpene production, Country Girl is perfect strain for any kind of extractions. It's easy to grow, perfect for both, begginers and proffesionals growers. You will be amazed with quality and feeling that Country Girl will gave you.


      Genetics: Black Domina 98 x Dj Short Blueberry

      Genotype: 100% Indica

      Flowering time indoor: 55-65 days

      Harvest time outdoors: half of october

      Yield: High

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